Wednesday, January 04, 2006

E Trading!

We did it! We exercised some of my stock options today. Money situation very ugly. Spent too much unbudgeted money on vacation. Somehow managed to spend several thousand dollars for Christmas even though we agreed not to exchange gifts with anyone. Though we'll only get about 1/2 the money from the transaction (the rest to taxes), it will help pay down the credit cards and give us a little spending money for the next couple of months. We owe Scott's parents a bunch of money. Scott needs new breaks for his truck. And I'm sure he has a huge list of house projects that should be accomplished. I really want to add the patio to the back of the house, but rainy season has arrived and I think that project will need to wait until spring. We should probably calculate whether we'll owe any taxes this year before spending any of that money. Suddenly it seems like a piddly amount. Sigh. It was fun for a few minutes.


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