Sunday, April 16, 2006

Fashion Friday!

Sorry, I'm posting all kinds of random stuff all out of order. And, no, Fashion Friday is not another one of those group blogging activities that I'm participating in - it's just the name of this entry. I got a little click-happy and published the entries before I was done putting all the placeholders in place. Doh!

Friday night, Jake went to his grandparents' house. Scott & I went to happy hour at Tutto Mare to celebrate the successful launch of Amylin's newest study. Soooo much work involved in starting a study, you just can't even imagine unless you've been part of it.

After happy hour, we went over to Nordstrom at UTC and got Scott some "fashion forward" new clothes. He never buys anything nice for himself unless I'm with him. Even though he really enjoys nice clothes.

Look at the cool things we found:

Wallet by dbclay. It's made from Gaffer's tape! Here's what the designer says about it:

This billfold has a great story behind it. We discovered this material in an abandoned mental health care facility in SW Portland. We had access to this place for a couple of short months. This piece of pocket art inspired the entire Material Series.

Amazing green blazer by Hause of Howe with so many really cool details. A t-shirt sewn into the inside back. Printed fabric inside the pockets. Buttons on the sleeves that don't button. Back of the collar embroidered. Weird little pocket on the back of the jacket right by the tail.

Brown casual leather shoes by Mark Nason that were over-sold unnecessarily by the salesguy. He really wasn't convinced we were going to buy them, I think, but usually by the time we're trying things on, we've already decided that if they fit, we buy. Salesguy quote, with a straight face: "Do I have them? No. Am I gonna have them? Yes." Nerdy beefy guy with glasses in a super-conservative suit, talking about how he would never pay for True Religion jeans because they cost too much. Really into shoes. Which I guess is why he works in the shoe department.

A dark brown shirt with green stripes by RVCA. Can't find any pictures of it online - sorry!


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