Monday, June 05, 2006

Launch Party Thank Yous!

The justjohanna launch party was Saturday, June 3, and it was a very looooong day for us! Since I'm a celebrity now (snicker, snicker), I feel the need to offer public thanks for my success! I also want to point out that although the brand is "justjohanna," it is not in actuality "just" Johanna...

Special thanks to:
- my mother for making the banners
- my in-laws for babysitting Jake ALL day
- my husband for running errands and being event photographer
- my brother for help with PhotoShop and illustrations
- Cat for being my significant other for the last month, putting in probably more hours than I did getting ready for our launch, and listening to me fuss over things for hours on end
- Mike for letting me borrow Cat so much, and for collecting orders during the party
- Debbie for 2 very long days of helping out (including making a bazillion little 12-packs of notecards, as well as manning the make-n-take table), and the extra projects she contributed
- Judy for helping out and for squeezing us into the weekend her son graduated from high school
- Lora for showing up just when she was needed and staying till we were done
- Olga & Alfonso for letting us camp out at the Blue Mug and staying an hour past closing time
- Leah for the cutest little bird's nest rice crispie treats, helping out with make-n-takes, and for making the long trek to Escondido to help out
- Sue for her boundless energy, hours of entertainment, and also making the long trek to Escondido to help out
- Jill for her encouragement, thoughtfulness, and beautiful flowers
- Chris for her enthusiasm, sincerity, and adorable little birdbath
- Stephanie for her thoughtful card and a bottle of wine
- the justjohanna design team for getting samples together for the web site in time for the launch
- Godelieve for her encouragement, fantastic ideas, and for sending her beautiful cards all the way from Belgium in time to get display boards made for the party
- Rosie for all of her encouragement and information-sharing throughout the process
- Everyone else for attending the party and embracing the new product line, with of course extra special thanks to the customers who placed pre-orders & who made purchases on launch-day

Merci birdcoop everyone!


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