Thursday, January 05, 2006

One of those weeks

This morning, I realized as I was walking out the door that the sole had fallen off my left shoe. What the?? How does that happen? So now when I walk, my left shoe makes a sharp clicking noise on the floor. Ugh. At least most of the office building is carpeted - hopefully no one will notice.

An update from the alternate universe we sometimes inhabit... Paul called from the jail last night. He had his sentencing hearing today. 180 days for domestic violence. Still hasn't been able to get in touch with his parole officer to work out the details of the parole violation, which will be a separate hearing/sentence. The 180 days is a plea to a misdemeanor, so he'll just be in county jail, not state prison. This is more convenient for visitors and less harsh than state prison, but he'll have to serve the entire 180 days. State time he only has to serve 1/2 of the sentence. It's weird talking to Scott's family about it, like that's normal stuff that everyone knows. Ken went to talk to Cindy to get her side of it... she says that they were fighting on Christmas Eve about visiting Ken&Deloris on Christmas Day. Paul shoved her against the wall, she fell down, he pulled her up by her hair and slapped her. She was holding Breanna at the time and she was protecting herself and the baby, so that's why Paul's face was scratched up. Paul's side was that Cindy was hitting and scratching him first, and he hit her back. He wanted to press domestic violence charges against her (apparently she's been arrested for it before), but the public defender wouldn't allow it. Paul opted for the misdemeanor and the 180 days instead of having to face felony charges and state time.

Back in our world... Scott has been making dinner every night this week. I'm so impressed. Last night we had chicken and pasta with pesto sauce. Yummy.

Had so much fun playing with Jake last night while Scott was getting dinner ready. We built a mini fort out of the sofa cushions, and he crawled under and around it, then collapsed it and kept throwing himself down on the pillows over and over and giggling like a mad man. Around bed time, Jake gets really weird. Last night was no exception. He has this little board book with a rubber finger puppet that sticks out from the middle of the book. He opens the book up, puts the whole finger pupper in his mouth, and then walks around making weird monster noises, shaking his head back and forth, with the book hanging off his face.

Okay. I'm off to meet with our CEO to finally show her some of the scrapbook pages I've been creating for her. Hopefully she won't hate them. I'm nervous.


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