Saturday, March 11, 2006

The End of Scrunchiness

I got my hair cut. Really cut. I donated 12 inches to Locks of Love. Apparently a very trendy thing to do in Escondido right now. The Loft is promoting Locks of Love - if you donate at least 10 inches, your cut & style is free. Since I added color too, it was not free. But that's okay. Since Scott had his hair highlighted there, I've been wanting to try it, and also to find a salon I like that's closer than Mermaid Salon & Day Spa (which I LOVE). When we saw Melissa later at Distinction, she told me she was feeling very guilty walking around with long hair, and playfully suggested that people might think she was snob for not being willing to cut hers off. But her husband is firmly against the cutting-off-of-hair, and scolded me, "I thought you were my friend!"

Here are the before and after shots.

Not loving it, but very okay with it. I feel like I've had this haircut before, like in 3rd grade. I think it makes my head look too small for my body. I asked for "edgy" and something that looks less conservative and more artsy. I also asked for red (not meaning literally red), but what I got was literal red highlights with light brown highlights - that other people seem to see, but I think are very subtle. When I look in the mirror, the haircut surprises me, but color I hardly notice. So far, everyone else has noticed. My father-in-law even asked me, "was your hair always red?" Funny. So I guess it looks natural.

So, I think I'll go back in 4-6 weeks, have another lighter color highlight added to the color, or maybe even an all-over lighter color. And I think I'll take some pictures of what I think of as edgy or artsy. I was thinking more along the lines of messy, unkempt, wavy, textured, jagged edges, layers. I was very specific about not wanting to use a hair dryer or flat iron and about not wanting to look overly groomed. So it was weird when she said she was going to flatiron to check the length, but then after she did that, she said it was done and put some smoothing stuff in my hair that made it feel greasy.

The question is, do I give her another chance, and just take pictures with me next time of the kinds of things I like? Or do I try the next level up of stylist and pay a little more and hopefully get something closer to what feels like me? Or do I go back to the stylist at the salon that I trust but is an hour away? Decisions, decisions. I have some time to mull it over while it grows in a little. It seems to be nicely cut. We'll see what happens after I wash it.

I even made myself a new doll with my new look.

On the brighter side, I made a good connection with the stylist (which is the only reason I may be giving her a 2nd chance), and she & the receptionist, Gia, are willing to do the make-up for the gallery photo shoot/party that Scott and I have been planning. New target date is end-of-May or early-June. She said she loves to do high fashion make-up, and would be grateful to have headshots of her work. So it looks like we can exchange photography for make-up services. And later, telling this to Melissa, she told us about her stylist, who is well-known for hair-shows and even does Paula Abdul's hair. So, we may be exploring that option as well.


Anonymous Jill said...

Hey Johanna.....I left without saying "ta,ta" to you!!!! I'm sorry. I LOVE your new hair-do AND your new secret!! Thank you for sharing it with me. I'll see you soon.

11:35 AM  

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