Monday, March 06, 2006

Blue Mug Reception & Weekend Update

Friday night, Jake was GRUMPY! Grumpy like the animals that the Crocodile Hunter pokes with sticks. Just hitting, whining, throwing, and overall very nasty. And we wanted Italian food, which usually means going out to dinner. But going out to dinner with a terrorist-like child is just not a good prospect. Luckily, Olive Garden has take-out now! Yum.

Saturday, we went to the mall and spent time there till Jake couldn't stand it anymore. Seems like he always maxes out just as I'm finishing up trying things on & getting ready to pay. So we tried something new. Instead of sticking it out, I just put the things I'd chosen on hold. Then we took Jake home & I went back by myself. Got some more cute clothes. I'd gone just looking for a jean jacket and maybe a couple more blouses.

My friend Gib arrived mid-afternoon from LA. Hadn't seen him since before Jake was born. 2 years is a long time! Scott had errands to do, so we watched Jake, and went to visit Cat. I wanted to show her my concept art for the stamp line I'm hoping to create, and to get the stamps that I didn't get the other day.

Then we headed back home. Scott took Jake to his parents' house, and Gib & I took the food over to Blue Mug to get ready for the reception.

We waited for a few customers to leave, then we rearranged the front tables and couch to set up the food, and we opened a tab for our guests. Quite a few people showed up:

Cat from Cat's Craft Cupboard and her husband Mike
Amy & Anthony & baby Aidan
Carol and her new boyfriend
Allison from Archives
Matt & Laura & soon-to-be-baby
Peter from PAG
Kathy & Curtis
Pam & Sylvio

After the reception, Scott & Gib & I went to Hacienda de Vega for dinner. Then back to pick up Jake & then home. Scott & Jake went to bed. I stayed up & chatted with Gib (mostly about MBTI stuff & worked on Scott's birthday card.


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i don't know what you look like, but the chick wearing those clothes is pretty hot...

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