Friday, March 03, 2006

Where I'm From

Was looking through some older Illustration Friday posts, and stumbled across this beautiful poem on this blog:

I'm from streets of identical houses
net curtains and hedges
a place of umbrellas and gentlemen
standing in the English rain.
I'm from small corner shops
that sold newspapers and comics
school dinners and welfare
for those who had none.
I'm from Saturday nights at the pub
A pint and a shandy
with fish and chips on the way home.
I'm from a day at the seaside
stripey deckchairs deserted,
flapping in the wind on a rainy day,
a ride on the coach and stop at the pub
on the long journey home
I'm from airports and luggage
travelling among strangers
long distance phonecalls from foreign shores
Old England lies resting in boxes of photos
memories of where I'm from,
treasured inside.


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