Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Creative Momentum

That's what I want to call the group I want to start. Maybe. I'll probably change my mind. We've begun laying the groundwork. Scott & I had dinner with Melissa (from Distinction) & her husband Sam on Sunday night at Hacienda de Vega.

I managed to fit my idea into the conversation and Melissa sounded very open to participating, and to letting us meeting at the gallery at least occasionally. But she definitely didn't want to organize it. She said she had participated in a group before and got a lot out of it, but the group has disbanded. She also said that people often come to her and ask if she knows of a group or if she'll organize one, so there's a need. Yippee - we're on to something.

Sam had a lot of interesting ideas, too. I unfortunately had a mixed drink and was not at full brain capacity, so didn't ask lots of questions about either of them or their interests the way I'd intended. But it was a good first-time-in-a-social-setting-together kind of dinner. I want to know them better. I also didn't share anything about my interests, so I'm not sure that Melissa understood that I want to participate in the group. Though I'm still really enjoying crafts, I want to push past craft into art with some projects. And I really really want to paint. I'm finally getting comfortable with water colors. I'm going to tackle acrylics next I think. Oils I'll save for last - they scare me. And I'm warming up to the idea of using canvas rather than paper.

Next on my targeted list of frogs to warm for this group is Paul Sewell.


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