Thursday, February 23, 2006

Merciless Virus Attacks Hatlestad Household

Monday night, Jake turned green during dinner. Like he instantly went from his chirpy usual self to this sickly pale weak little critter. And then he vomited every 15 to 30 minutes for the next 12 hours. No sleep Monday night for any of us. Checked in with doctor on Tuesday. She said there's a nasty rotavirus going around. 1 day vomiting plus 4 days diarrhea.

And then Wednesday during the night, Scott threw up. And I spent a good part of the night in the bathroom trying not to throw up. Scott seems to be ok. But I had 102 degree temperature and chills most of Wednesday. I stayed in bed all day. Everything hurts.

Still sick today, but not as bad as yesterday. I went to work. I ate 1/2 a poptart this morning with my Advil. Otherwise, the smell of food makes me feel sick. I wish I was at home sleeping.


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