Monday, February 13, 2006

Esco Art Scene Update & Kitty Schwag

Worked late Friday night. We were at an all-day off-site planning session. BORING, despite my boss having brought toys. At least it was at a country club, and the food was yummy. I built three different Lincoln Log houses. Very long day. Most interesting thing I learned was incidental – according to the org chart we reviewed, it looks like my title is changing from the ridiculous IT Systems Analyst III to the equally oblique Sr IT Systems Analyst. I swear, every time I get close to reaching the next layer of titles, they add more (IT Systems Analyst I, IT Systems Analyst II, IT Systems Analyst III, and now Sr IT Systems Analyst). It’s very silly. Here are photos of the riveting event. Strangely, I appear about to eat the Lincoln Logs I'm playing with. Oh well.

Jakob (19 months old yesterday – how did that happen?) has a cold (runny nose, little cough, and so grouchy). Very little sleep this weekend for us parent-types.

Saturday, I worked on an entry for the Hero Arts contest. Deadline for postmark is tomorrow. I finished a card, and decided that although three entries are allowed, I only have one entry in me for now. I have a huge and ever-growing list of projects to work on. Most pressing are these:

1) Class kits for my Feb 18 class (this Saturday)
2) Samples for my March 11 class – due Feb 18 (this Saturday)
3) Cat’s Birthday Bash challenge – due March 15
4) Definitions call for Stamper’s Sampler – due April 1
5) Halloween call for Stamper’s Sampler – due April 1

And I need to get back to work on the Amylin scrapbook project. I think that’s the perfect filler project for me to be working on during the week, and just a little here and there.

My Cat's Pajamas stamps arrived with the Saturday mail. Here's what I got:

While I was working on those fun projects, Jake was working on a project of his own. I COMPLETELY forgot that we'd left him alone in the living room with his Jamba Juice. Then I hear the pitter-patter of little feet, the body slam into the baby gate, and a tiny voice saying, "uh-oh" - I look over to see Jake holding up his Jamba Juice cup, and I figure it must be empty. I go to investigate... "uh-oh" is an understatement. Jamba Juice footprints all over the hardwood floors. Ok, Swiffer will take care of that. Jamba Juice handprints all over the glass doors of the entertainment center. Ok, Windex. Jamba Juice all over the persian rug - with Matchbox car tracks through it... ARGH!

Saturday night, we dropped Jake off at my in-laws’ and headed over to Distinction Gallery. Put some cards out in Scott's studio for his upcoming show at The Blug Mug.

Scott's name is now up on the door of his studio.

The new show is fantastic! They’re doing it as a silent auction and all of the pieces have bids so far. Great stuff.

If I were the artist, I think I’d have the hardest time letting the best pieces go. Lynden Saint Victor (the artist) was there at the gallery, and seemed to really be enjoying sort of being anonymous, eavesdropping on conversations about his art. We were there early enough to get to see the pieces without dealing with the crowd. Then we went upstairs to my husband’s studio and scarfed down some McDonald’s and had about an hour up there. Scott’s name is on the door now. Major Morris (photographer) came over and chatted a bit, and we got to meet the interior designer with the studio next door. Sharif (the artist on the other side) popped in too and asked us to keep an eye on his studio while he went home for a shower. The whole place has a great creative feeling about it.

We did a quick errand to Michaels for me. Ran into Chris there. Absolutely one of my favorite people that I’ve met through teaching classes. Then off to our Cirque du Soleil adventure. The show was amazing. Just so visually stimulating and almost shocking what the human body is capable of. The VIP experience was not as positive as the last time, which was in turn not as positive as the first time. I’m tempted to complain. Not enough places for people to sit, too many people, food areas so poorly lit that you couldn’t tell what the food items were. Oh well. It was nice to have good seats, a quiet place to go during intermission, and access to good parking.

Scott was chosen to go up on stage and be part of one of the clown acts. Hilarious. I had tears. Will share more details later.

Sunday morning, Scott went over to Blue Mug to hang his show. Then we went over there to see it – it looks great, but the images seem so small in the space. We got a cookie and some applejuice. Jake learned the word “cookie” and said it over and over. The other word he learned this weekend was “crash,” while playing matchbox cars with daddy. After our snack, we did a couple of errands (Home Depot, Dollar Tree, Joanns), and then home.

The article about Scott was in the paper.

Last night, I dug out an old project and worked on it a bit – a submission for Stamper’s Sampler Different Point of View. Weekend over – not nearly long enough. Very much looking forward to the upcoming 3-day weekend.


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