Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So, I registered my domain name... well, ages ago. Probably it's been at least six months. And I sort of had an idea to make it a site for just cards, and had designed the whole thing as a kind of giant card, and with the purpose of marketing cards. But then I realized that really, what I want is a place that has the flavor of what I like to create, samples of projects & instructions for folks who take my classes, a portfolio of work for customers and potential customers to see, and a place to post news and class schedule information. So, I've been pondering the design. Last week, I thought I'd really found something that would work. Looked easy to build and a nice clean design. But then I decided it looked dated and I wanted something that was both more artsy and more current. So here's the sketch of my concept, inspired by a number of things: the Irregular Choice web site, the Purple Onion Designs & Self-Addressed design-a-stamp contest, Rosie's Roadshow, the new Basic Grey rub-ons, Claudine Hellmuth's poppets, and Rhonna Farrer's digital swirly fabulousness... ta da!

... and in other news, it's the 1st... and what does that mean? The GARDEN at 2peas is in full bloom. Here are some of my favorites from this crop:

Dreamers by Elsie Flannagan

Things I have learned from you by Elsie Flannagan

daydream by Rhonna Farrer

my actions by Rhonna Farrer

Splash by Jennifer Johner

Frog Hunt by Jennifer Johner


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Hey, looks great! Best wishes!

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