Monday, January 30, 2006

Would you trade your parents for an M & M?

Yesterday morning, Scott trimmed Jake's outrageously long fingernails. Not quite so long as that Charlie Chan looking guy from the Guinness Book of World records with the long long long fingernails that actually curled around and dragged onto the ground like giant swirling flourishes... but long enough so that every time he touched his face he got a new scratch. Anyway, Scott trimmed one nail just a little too close. And for the first time, Jake actually pulled his pudgy little hand away and yelped "ow." Now, the background on Jake's "ow" utterances to date had been that it was a funny little noise to be repeated after smacking daddy in the face with a matchbox car, or clobbering mommy over the head with a hardbound book. This time, it was a heartfelt "ow," one with meaning. Because he connected that when something hurts, you say "ow." But even more importantly, he learned that when you say, "ow," mommy and daddy make a huge fuss over you. "Poor baby, show daddy your owie. Let me kiss it for you. Awww. I'm sorry." So then for the rest of the morning, he would randomly hold up his injured index finger like he was about to announce, "and let me tell you another thing," and then he would whine, "oooowww." Daddy felt very guilty and apologized every time. Very effective.

In the afternoon, we dropped Jake off at Scott's parents' house. As soon as he realized we were leaving, he began this hysterical screaming/crying thing, reaching for us over the baby gate, looking just devastated, with these huge instant tears... until grandma gave him one single M&M (did you know that M&M's had their own web site?) and he was fine. Just like that. And I realized that he would totally trade me, his own mother, for an M&M.

Scott & I went to Michaels to get some photo storage boxes. I'm almost done with cleaning/organizing my room. I'm so ready to be done. I really thought I might be able to finish yesterday. I keep assessing and thinking to myself that maybe just another 1/2 an hour to finish. But then I discover some solution I thought would work that didn't work, and have to rethink it. My current assessment is that there's a bunch of little bits of things on my table that need to be put away. That's it, I think. Just putting away and I'm done. And I'm pretty happy with it all. I got rid of so many priority mail boxes and so many Club Scrap pizza boxes.

After Michaels, we went to Barnes & Noble. We're magazine junkies. I've outgrown most of the scrapbook and card magazines. I still love the Stampington publications, and Cloth Paper Scissors, and have just started reading Scrapbook Answers (I think I might like this one)... but I need something a little different. Loving the How magazine I found last week. So I looked in the art & design section (instead of crafts) this time and found a couple more. One of them was called Print. Can't remember the other 2 - haven't read through them yet. Scott has exhausted the photography magazines, so he tried a new section too - men's magazines. And found some really edgy photography, interesting covers... I'm totally looking at them for inspiration when I get through my design mags. Feelings freshly inspired now. We went to Chipotle for dinner and had another great conversation about how to find art inspiration, how to network with other artists, and how to grow creatively. We talked about trying to find some likeminded people to spend time with, but of our current circle of friends, no one seems to be similar driven to surround themselves with art and creativity. This was so apparent when we went to 2nd Saturday with Nathan and Stacy. It was so obvious that Stacy wasn't into it. And it kind of killed the joy of discovering new art and ideas and perspectives. She's just not interested. I can't comprehend that.

After dinner, we stopped by Scott's new studio at Distinction

Scott wants to go to the Getty. I've wanted to go ever since I learned about it. But we hate trekking up to LA. But I love the idea of seeing Gib. I wonder if Scott's parents could watch Jake for an entire day. Or if Jake would tolerate the four hours in the car and a day in a museum. Probably not. We'll have to put this on the calendar so we can go soon. Gib's neighborhood is really interesting. I think Scott would have a great time taking pictures there.

Talked to dad on Friday night. He was still at home in bed, and not going to Chicago. Mom had already left for the airport, and was on her way to Chicago by herself for Alex's 2nd birthday party on Saturday and Eva's 1st birthday party on Sunday. I talked to Tim, too. He said that they were keeping the 2 birthdays separate, having 2 separate parties, and had even gotten separate decorations for the 2 events. Hello Kitty for Eva, and I think he said it was Thomas the Tank for Alex. We bought new shoes for the kids, but haven't quite gotten around to mailing them. I suck at mail.


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