Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Recipe Exchange? Ha!

Funny how our lives and friendships change. Got an email from Shelley this week inviting me to participate in a recipe exchange. I never cook anymore. Sometimes Kraft mac & cheese (follow recipe on box) and sometimes hamburger pie (follow recipe on Bisquick box). That's about it. I'd love to participate - but I have nothing to contribute and wouldn't use the ones I received.

I keep trying to drag Shelley into my paper crafts obsession. I thought sure she'd go for the weird artsy collage-y Somerset Studio stuff, but her response was "blah" - she seemed to just think it was a bunch of weird stuff. I hadn't thought she'd go more conservative in her expression in taste - I'd thought the opposite - expected a more avant garde or edgy outlook on life in general. So as I explore deeper into this craft, I'm finding it hard to connect with people who think it's a waste of time or who are just disinterested. Is this a selfish perspective? Maybe.


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