Saturday, January 14, 2006

My Sweet Internet, At Last

Can I just tell you what torture it has been to have Internet issues? Earlier in the week, we had nothing. Then the last 2 days, connectivity has been intermittent. And oh-so-frustrating!

It seems to be working relatively reliably since late this afternoon. But someone is coming again (3rd time!) on Tuesday (first appointment available) to check on it, because even though we're connected, it's REALLY slow.

Stayed up nearly all night last night - kept hoping internet would come back. Worked on my entry for Purple Onion Designs contest at Self-Addressed. Finished it and submitted today. Feel good that I did it. Not super-confident about it though. However, I now have some fun doodles that I can use to make brushes with in PhotoShop - because I finally figured out how to do that last night!

Effer Dare #18 was posted on Friday. Scrap an inanimate object. At first, I thought to do a layout of a long exposure of something inanimate with Jake streaking through - I seem to have a lot of those lately. Then I thought to do the Tiffany bracelet Scott gave me as a wedding gift - but 2 other people already did Tiffany jewelry. So I did the vase I made Scott for Valentine's Day the year we met. I'm super-happy with the photo (taken at night with poor lighting) - used the portrait setting on my camera to get a shallow depth of field. I'm starting to understand some of functions - still have lots to learn. Here's what I came up with:

Been totally stalking the Creating Garden on 2peas now that I think I've figured out how it works. Last month's User Inspiration has been bumped to the previous pages, so maybe they're going to update soon!

Some exciting news for Scott today. He went to Blue Mug (coffee shop) this morning to show his portfolio to the owner. She really liked his work and wants to have a show as soon as he can get ready - 6 local images - all 16x20. It'll be his first solo show. He went by Distinctions Gallery this afternoon to talk to Melissa and she has a space available. He's going to take it - lease signing & keys on Tuesday. It's only 150 square feet, but will be a space where he can store his images when they're not hanging somewhere, and an opportunity to build some more relationships with the other artists in the studio.

It was 2nd Saturday tonight, but Municipal Gallery, Distinctions, and Shiva didn't have new shows, so it was a pretty quiet night. We thought there might be a crowd around Distinctions, but it was really quiet. Just a handful of people hanging out. We went to dinner with Nathan & Stacy, then did the loop, and then home.

Here are links to the controversy at Melissa's gallery. She's exhausted from dealing with people calling and screaming at her:

Not too much showing up on a web search. But that's the gist of what's going on. KPBS did a segment, lots of local coverage for the issue. Painting was still up tonight. And not really offensive. In fact, it's kind of hard to even see.


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