Tuesday, January 10, 2006

This morning when I was just about to walk out the front door to go to work, Jake backed up against the door, spread his arms out, and said "no-no." Too cute. Scott had to pull him away from the door so I could get out. Makes it hard to leave.

About 7 years ago, my brother & I went on vacation to Orlando, FL, and got suckered into buying a time share. The way I remember it, he was for it and I was neutral, but I gave in and we bought it. So I guess I can't deny all responsibility for the decision. Stupid, stupid, stupid. At the time, we'd been taking pretty regular vacations together and had a lot of disposable income. That thing has become such an annoyance. A couple of years of me paying the payments and collecting from him later. Then when he was able to afford it, he took over the payments. Then I wasn't working, then Scott wasn't working... we just wanted to be free from the thing. We told them they could have all the equity - sell it if they wanted to & keep the money. Whatever. Now they are really strapped financially. I want to help. I really do. But we have the same resources we had (none) when they were living here and we had to pick and choose when we could afford to go out to dinner, and do other things that required disposable income. Sure, we splurge here and there - all on credit, though. And we're at a breaking point. I just had to sell some of my stock options so that we could pay bills and try to dig out of debt a little. Credit cards starting to get maxed out. Stock options not enough to cover even half of what we owe. But will make the monthly payments lower. We agreed to pay the late taxes & associated fees, and to pay off the last few payments so they would be free of it for a while. But it was nearly $1000 that we just don't have. Since proceeds from my options haven't arrived yet, we just put it all on a credit card. Ouch. The whole thing with their financial situation is so frustrating. It's like the monster that has taken over their lives. Changing their personalities. Making everything ugly. I hope they find a solution soon - that their house here sells, that they decide to rent it out, that there's an untapped source of funds they'd forgotten about... I don't know what the answer is. Just that it's really painful to watch it unfold. Yuck. That was convoluted. Maybe I'll edit later.

On to more interesting and exciting things! Effer dares! Yeah... they're so fun. I've been stalking the Effer site looking for the new one. Should be posted any day now. I know it was due to the Effers by Jan 8, then that on Jan 9 at least one of the Effers was working on it. I'm so ready for the next challenge. Which is silly, since I haven't finished all of the old ones yet. But I'm silly. So there.

Here's the one I finished last night:


Trying so hard not to put everything in square/rectangle boxes. I was so thrilled with it until this morning, when Scott said something about the funny lines and didn't recognize that it was a FLOWER! Doh. Back to the drawing board.


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