Friday, January 13, 2006

Jake Update

Night before last, when it was time for bed, Scott said what he always says, "Come on, buddy. Time for bed. Let's get your pj's on." And Jake promptly stuck his fingers in his ears and giggled. Even when Scott came and picked him up to carry him back to his room, he kept his fingers in his ears.

Last night when I got home, Jake was playing the harmonica. So cute.

Scott had a Photographic Arts Group (PAG) meeting, so it was just Jake & me. Finally figured out what "doh-wun" means. All this time I had thought it was something like "down," but it's "that one." Jake has 2 plastic grocery store balls that he loves. He spent a good portion of the evening just carrying them around. Funny because it's really unwieldy for him to carry even one. Since one is purple and one is red, I tried to get him to associate the colors with the Wiggles (Jeff is purple, Murray is red). So I showed him purple and said "Jeff" and red saying "Murray" several times. Then put the balls down and asked "Where's Jeff?" He went and got his coloring book with the Wiggles on the cover and pointed to Jeff. Oh well.

Internet connection has been down 2 days. After Scott had spent 6 or so (cumulative) hours on the phone trying to sort it out, having replaced the modem, tried 5 different cables, and a number of other combinations of things, they sent someone out to check the line. Nothing wrong with the line. And the outside guy that fixes things is not allowed to come inside. It's a different company that does the inside work. And that company can't send anyone until today. Ugh. Hopefully tonight that guy will be able to resolve the issue.


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