Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Break Dancing & Other Stuff

Talked to Tim briefly on Monday afternoon. They put a bed in Alex's room & he loves sleeping on it. He still sleeps in the crib sometimes, but says things like "daddy sleep bed, mommy sleep bed, alex sleep bed."

Monday night, Scott went over to Nathan's (his friend, also into photography) to photograph the CEO of the Year awards for the scrapbook.

Jake & I went to Target to check out the $1 spot. Love doing that. Relieved to discover that there were CD boxes left. They'll be perfect for a class. I bought 8. They hold 6x6 paper very nicely. Also 6x6 kits. Found a bunch of other goodies too. Little photo holders that I can use to hold the samples for my classes. Plastic file holders that I can put class kits in. Little London/Paris/SanFrancisco/NewYork wine charms I can disassemble and re-use - charms for scrapbooking, rings for tying ribbon on and turning in suns and other stuff. Scrapbook section had slim pickin's - but I got some cute little paper clips, some letter stickers, Xyron refill. Jake was really good the whole time. No screaming or fits about anything.

Then we went to Jamba Juice for a treat. They had moved all the chairs and tables aside I think to clean the floor, so it was this huge open space. Jake ran around a bit, then got down on his knees and was spinning in circles. I realized that he'd been watching the Daniel Cook episode where he learns break dancing moves and was copying what he'd seen - even the part where Daniel Cool holds the fronts of his pant legs up. Funny kid.

Yesterday was just chaos. The internet connection went out again on Monday, right around the time that Nathan's was resolved. The guy came to fix ours and was there for hours. Finally they were able to sort it out by having the phone company guys along with the folks where Scott used to work (that's how our line is listed in the system - still a business line for that company, but the bills are sent to our address). Anyway, I'm glad it's fixed, and it seems like they've actually sorted out what the problem is.

I ended up not coming into work because someone needed to be at the house with the internet guy and the yardwork guy and Jake while he napped, but Scott had errands to do and needed to go sign the lease for his new studio. We went over there in the afternoon to take some pictures of it and to drop off a few things. Took some oranges to the gallery owner. Then we visited Cat. Got a handful more of stamps (some of the new v-day Memory Box ones), and a new set of Sizzix tiny tag dies.

Then, last night, we went to Target again to explore options for organizing my little space. There were some cute options, but I'd like to find some shelves that are at least 12 inches deep and tall. Not as easy as I'd hoped. We didn't buy anything. Will go to Ikea probably later this week or this weekend.

Last night I finished a Christmas 2005 layout. Hate it. Hated it right from the beginning. I chose the wrong colors. I'd found a layout that seemed clean and well designed, but when I tried to use it with my own colors/photos, it looked really weak. So I added things until it was to a point that I could live with it, then stuck it in the album. Yikes. Definitely not going into my 2peas gallery. In fact, I've been thinking I might/should purge my 2peas gallery of the mediocre stuff and just leave my favorites. I'll probably just try to move the blah stuff into a private album. It's nice to be able to share with family. And I think I'm going to purge my albums. There's no reason to promote various companies when I have no vested interest.

I was thinking over the last few days about wishing I had a mentor or someone that was willing to provide feedback and bounce ideas around with. When I read 2peas this morning, I saw that someone was having some of the same issues. So I emailed her a probably-over-excited and slightly incoherent message, trying to reach out and see if we can organize a peer group. We'll see if she responds.


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alex is weened entirely from the crib now, and we can even put him in the bed and leave him there before he falls asleep. He still cries when you leave him, but he'll stay there so he doesn't get banished to the crib. He calls the bed his "big boy bed."

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