Friday, January 20, 2006

Weekend Creative Goals

1) Go to Ikea to look at organization options. Make a decision between Ikea solutions and Target solutions. Buy, assemble, and clean/purge.
2) Finish Christmas Naughty or Nice kit for cancelled class. Gotta get this done by Saturday!
3) Illustration Friday topic: Cats. I think make a layout about Alley Cat and the summer of endless kittens.
4) Self-Portrait Tuesday topic: Personal History. I think I really liked the one where there was a transparency layer of a little girl over the heart of an adult - inner child symbolism and all that.
5) Use my new Christine Adolph transparency for a self-portrait. B&W picture of me, Fresh Flowers stamp over one eye... not sure what else to incorporate.
6) Work on my February class samples. Got the ideas, just need to actually pull it together.
7) Finish scraplifting the "curls" layout and put it in my album.
8) Work some more on Amylin scrapbook project.
9) Pull something together to submit to Rubber Stamp Madness - themes are a) something inspired by a famous artwork, b) use your favorite stamp
10) Take "before" pictures of my craft room and post at 2peas
11) Go for the Green - Cat's Feb Challenge
12) Genealogy book for Ken

Of course I won't be able to accomplish all of that in just this weekend, but it's good it have some goals. Here are some other projects I need to get to:

1) Different Point of View submission for Stamper's Sampler
2) Birthday Book
3) Stamping on Jeans
4) Rosie's wedding scene for Rubber Stamp Madness
5) Altered paper storage box
6) Effer Dares
7) Garden Girl scraplifts - I'm discovering that I'm pretty good at creating my own layouts, pretty good at exactly copying layouts, but not so great at scraplifting (taking the idea and using my own paper/photos). Need practice. Lifting GGs is my solution. Also a quick way to get more scrapping done.
8) She always loved pictures of lemons canvas
9) Got Nudes? canvas
10) Family Poppet canvas for Allison's
11) Poppet painting for Melissa
12) Poppet painting for Chris
13) Poppet painting for mom's b-day
14) Genealogy quilt for dad's b-day

I'm sure I have more things that I want to do, but that's a long enough list for now.

I'm so so so excited, by the way, that I emailed Self-Addressed and they have the 2 papers I've been scouring the LSS's in search of. Yay! They'll be added to my next kit. So a couple of projects on hold, but at least I'll have exactly what I want. Yippee!

Just about time to go home - hooray for weekends! Jury duty on Monday. Bleh.


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