Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Update

Quickie update before the weekend...

Alex's birthday - my nephew turned TWO on Tuesday. I can't believe it! I tried to call to say happy birthday, but he had 103 degree fever and they were on the way to the doctor. Haven't gotten an update from them.

The Far Side - Cindy is pregnant again. Yep. Total madness. And her story is that she was on depo provera, so the doctor says that she has to have an abortion because the baby will be a mutant. Paul is lonely and depressed in jail. And he misses Cindy and wishes she would talk to him. Please, somebody pinch me and wake me from this madness.

Paoli - talked to mom last night. My dad is really sick with the flu. Had to stay home from his planned work trip to Cleveland, and will probably have to stay home from the planned dual birthday party for Alex & Eva in Chicago this weekend. So mom may have to travel by herself for the party unless she can negotiate to postpone the trip so she can stay home and take care of my dad. I'll have to call them tonight to get an update. In other East Coast news, mom told me that Aunt Rosie is making an art quilt with acrylic paint and fabric strips... I'm so proud! She said, "Johanna is the only one who would get it." My mom told me that I remind her more and more of her mother, my interest in weird art projects, my taste in colors and clothing. A good compliment I think. She said that if Priscilla were still around, she was sure we'd be having a terrific time talking about our weird little projects and working on things together. Oh, how I wish. Sniff.

The Cat's Pajamas - Cat called today to tell me that she got the new Cat's Pajamas supplement and Sprinkle the Cat has a veil and Poochie the dog has a top hat. Inspiration from the card sample I emailed Alma. Yippee. That's so cool.

We went to Chipotle for dinner last night. Yum! And then to Target to get some more organizational supplies from the $1 spot. I started to sort through some of my unmounted stamps, but didn't get very far. No idea what's on tap for this weekend, other than more and more and more organizing of my craft crap.


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