Thursday, January 26, 2006

Project Runway & The Wayback Machine

Stayed up entirely too late last night. I keep promising myself that I will go to bed early so I can get back on track for my 5 am waking up. But mostly I’m sleeping until 6 or so. Then I have to face the parking-lot-that-used-to-be-a-freeway. Curses. Anyway, I was organizing my ribbon, and it keep seeming like I was almost done. And I was watching TV, and Project Runway came on. And I wasn’t going to watch it, because I was supposed to be going to bed, but I couldn’t help it. I had to know.

Man, that Zulema chick was annoying. So angry and insecure. Not a pretty picture. You’d think she’d have softened a bit after her win in the list episode. So, she stole Nick’s model. And Nick got all whiny about it, talking about quitting and how he didn’t want to be there. Self-absorbed, no coping skills… I thought I was watching the teenagers on America’s Next Top Model, not adults. Sheesh. But then Daniel V came through with a very mature outlook and encouraging pep talk and Nick hung in there. Daniel V won the challenge. I was a little disappointed with all of the dresses. It was such a fun challenge, and it seemed like everyone was very literal about it. No one looked at their picture to get an idea for a theme or an era or to make a story. They all just created what they saw in the picture. And Daniel’s dress wasn’t flattering. That top was this big poof, which I suppose was fun in a couture kind of way, but can you imagine anyone wearing it, really? Andrae seems to be managing his emotion better. He’s a little scary sometimes. His dress looked to me like he’d taken some inspiration from one of Santino’s earlier dresses.

My current prediction for who will be in the top three is Chloe, Daniel V, and Nick. I had originally thought that it would be Chloe, Santino, and Nick, but Santino’s last couple of attempts have me wondering about his viability.

Discovered a cool web site, called the Wayback Machine. You type in the web address of any site, and it shows you the old home pages. How fun is that?


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