Monday, February 06, 2006

Post-weekend update

Talked to my dad Friday night. My mother has an ear infection that's so swollen, it's bulging - ouch! And she has pneumonia. Dad is mostly better except for a nagging cough and was able to go back to work partial days. Sounds miserable.

Scott's meet-the-artist day was a slow one. He said there just weren't that many people coming into the store or the shopping center in general that day. He did talk to a woman who is interested in one of the poppy prints. She actually called later in the day, but he hasn't connected with her yet. We'll see what happens.

I managed to complete my three "go for the green" challenge cards on Friday night. They came together surprisingly easily. It helped that I already sort of had an idea in mind. The cards of course did not turn out to match my idea, but I was still happy with them.

Saturday morning, I finally managed to pull together my "naughty or nice" class kit for the person who couldn't take the class. Since it was so late, I included enough to make 2 of each card, and packaged it all up in a cute box with a bow. In the late morning we went down town. Stopped in at Cat's to drop off the challenge cards & class kit. Picked up a couple more Rosie's stamps (tiny heart, 2 tiny hearts, and cherry) and some fruit punch Stickles (glitter glue). Then we went over to Distinction to talk to Melissa. I asked her about how she finds and selects artists for her shows. She said that she often has people suggest artists, and always asks for the information to be emailed to her. She also said that her vision for the gallery is to always have local artists, but that she's considering occasionally featuring non-local artists. She also said that the cost of shipping the art is prohibitive, especially if there are no sales from the show. She's very excited about the new show that's opening in a couple of weeks. She said it has already generated a lot of excitement. She hasn't posted anything about it online yet, but I've seen the promo card and it looks fantastic.

I spent the rest of Saturday working on my "Sew Much Love" class samples - sewing on paper. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, but wish the group of samples was a little more cohesive.

Sunday, Scott went to the studio in the morning to frame his images for the Blue Mug show. I worked on my 8.5x11 scene that I hope to submit to Rubber Stamp Madness as cover art. Sure is hard to keep the background clean when stamping so many images! I'm stamping 4 copies, so hopefully any messy-ness can be covered with coloring/painting, and at least one of them will be submission-worthy.

I also worked on my web site a bit more. I have the inside pages mocked up. I worked on cleaning up the graphics for the home page, but am having some problems with the PhotoShop image. When I flatten it, it gets all pixelated again. I'm hoping this is just because I have some junk on some of the layers, which can be cleaned up. Otherwise, I'm going to have to clean the image all over again after flattening. Tedious. But that's what I had to do when I created the graphics. Bleh.

Jake's new word yesterday was "outside." It actually sounds more like "us," but he's using it consistently. He also was saying banana ("nana") consistently this weekend, though it's not a new word.

Sunday afternoon, we took Jake to Toys R Us to get him a little chair for the living room, and some new toys. Uncle John & Aunt Marianna


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