Thursday, February 02, 2006

more - need opinions please

It's Groundhog Day! So, this post of course has nothing to do with that. :)

Jake's new word yesterday was "shovel." He mostly likes to bang on things with it and to smack daddy in the head with it. Trying to teach him not to do that. He's been biting lately too - don't know where he learned that. Also a no-no.

Yesterday, my husband Scott was supposed to go help his photography group hang the new show. And of course, the baby sitter calls in the morning and says one of the adults in the house has the flu, but he'll stay upstairs all day if you want to come anyway. Uh, no thanks. We don't need any flu at our house. So, Scott took Jake to the venue, and I left work mid-morning to meet him there & watch Jake during the show hanging. The venue is of course a library. And libraries are of course not compatible with 18-month-old boys-who-love-to-scream-and-run. There was a huge empty room that was perfect for running around, throwing the big red ball, and generally causing a ruckus without bothering anyone. But did Jake want to play in there? No! He wanted to run through the aisles of the library, pull the books off the shelves, and scream a lot. We found the children's book section and he was entertained with the pile of stuffed animals briefly. Fun to throw them all on the floor, and then move on. And for quite a while, he was happy playing with the plastic dinosaurs while sitting at one of the kiddie tables. The dinos were about 8 inches tall and properly menacing in appearance. Jake had fun making growling noises. Then he stacked the dinosaurs. I handed them to him one at a time, as he pointed, "that one" and then he'd say "thank you" after I handed it to him. So cute. "That one" still comes out like "dah-won" and "thank you" comes out like "ten-you." Then we found little pencils and scraps of paper to scribble on. That was fun, until he wanted to also scribble on the table, which I wouldn't allow. And since he couldn't scribble on the table, he had to revert to stabbing and flailing with the pencil. Also not allowed. So I took the pencil. And he had a meltdown. Loud. And probably annoying to every around. So we went and sat in my car, and he pushed all the buttons he could reach and pretended to steer, and was much happier.

When Scott was done, we went to Jack-in-the-Box for lunch and then I headed back to work.

I worked late because I was gone for that chunk of time in the morning. Then stopped at Marshall's on the way home. In search of a new tote to replace the 2 crappy ones I have currently (one freebie from DIA with a broken zipper & one freebie from Mission Federal with crushed poptarts in the bottom). I found a bag that I liked enough to buy (better than our Monday trip to TJ Maxx - nothing there worth buying). Green. Then I found the same exact bag in beige, but on clearance for $21 less. Score. And then I found the shoe department. Picked out 2 pairs of interesting brown shoes (one dark brown, one camel). And found funky pair of pink open toe mules with this crazy shabby chic looking silk flower. Well, at check-out, they wouldn't sell me the green bag for the brown bag price - because they arrived at the store at 2 different times! Ugh. So I bought both and took them home for Scott to take a look at. $263??? How did I spend that on 2 bags and 3 pairs of shoes?

Anyway, Scott hated the color of the tan one, so I guess I'm keeping the green one. And he hated the pink shoes, so they'll be going back too. Luckily there's a Marshall's a couple of miles from work, and I can run over there at lunch time.

I had a little time last night to work more on my web site, and was able to convert my sketch into a more fleshed out graphic, but still a lot of graphic clean-up to do, and some decisions to be made about the fonts for the text on the navigation buttons, and for the links. I was going to use this 10 year old terrific picture of myself, but Scott said that was misleading - if people saw my old photo that doesn't look like me and then I showed up to teach a class, they'd be confused. So he had the brilliant idea to use this funny photo of me that he took when we were in Philly, of me eating my favorite Philly food - a chicken cheesesteak. Yum! And I think I like how it turned out. So I did 2 versions of the home page - what do you think?

And just before bed, I sketched out one of the inside pages. Not sure how I feel about navigation links that change on every page (even if they're in the same area of the page), but can't think of another aesthetically pleasing option at the moment. So here's the inside page concept... I'm thinking the doodles in the bottom left are a larger scale the the rest of the doodles, and it looks unbalanced. So I may revise those tonight.


Blogger beth said...

i really like the photo w/ the close-up of your eye & glasses! jumps out @ me!! good luck w/ your site

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Barbie said...

I love your layouts! LOVE them. Neat idea.

10:38 AM  
Blogger Dar said...

Im partial to the first one.

11:55 AM  

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