Monday, February 06, 2006

Self-Addressed/Purple Onion Contest

Just got my Self-Addressed February newsletter. Always a joy when that juicy piece of creativity hits my inbox. I'm just realizing that it's the 6th already, and the February kits should be in transit, and mine should be arriving any day now. Fun! If I had a little more disposable income, I think I'd also subscribe to Simply Cardstock first, and then if I had even more, I'd add Little Red Scrapbook. New stuff is always fun! And the Self-Addressed kits are always something I like, and almost never something I would have chosen myself. A good stretch. I always save them for my best projects.

Anyway, the winner of the design-a-stamp contest was announced in this newsletter. It's Stephanie Tafoya. Congratulations! While I didn't win, I sure had fun thinking up things I'd like to have as stamps. Here's one of the pages I submitted. I'll have to find the other one at home. This one worked out well for me, because I'll be using one of the fonts on my web site, and it's perfectly me.


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