Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Did you ever just have one of those days where everything goes RIGHT for a change?

We had such a great day yesterday...

My husband Scott got a request from a local paper to be interviewed about his upcoming show - interview is tomorrow - he's super-excited.

Got the news that it will be mostly painless to refinance our mortgage, and that our payments will be about $500 less per month. What a relief!

Self-Addressed February kit arrived in the mail. Loving the Dress-It-Up addition especially this month.

Received a surprise pre-payment check for $300 in inter-office mail from our CEO for the scrapbook project I've been working on for her. Love extra spending money!

I won a drawing on 2peas for a RAK for my cleaning/organizing project.

Scott got his consulting contract extended for 600 more hours of work. So, Jake will have to either go into the local daycare or back to the babysitter. Not sure which option will work out yet. The daycare we looked at is the same one that his cousin Breanna is going to, so it might end up being a good thing. They are close enough together in age that they will probably be in the same room.

My boss realized that I'm swamped and need some seclusion time to finish a project, so is looking into booking a room at the country club for me to have some privacy to work for a few days.

Somebody pinch me!


Blogger Pam Tremble said...

Hey! Congratulations to Scott - hope all goes well with his interview and his upcoming show!

10:47 AM  

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