Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Monday Blah & Valentine's Dilemma

Yesterday was mostly just another Monday. Scott packed up the oriental carpet to send off for cleaning (post-Jamba-Juice trauma). I'll have to post photos of the disaster when I get home. Let's just say that I forgot the little guy had a Jamba Juice and I left him alone in the living room. It was quiet for a while - I thought he was watching TV. But then he came to the baby gate holding the cup out and said, "uh-oh." Jamba Juice footprints across the wood floors. Jamba Juice hand prints on the glass doors of the entertainment center. Toy car tracks of Jamba Juice across the coffee table. And a lovely puddle of it on the Karastan rug. With lines through it where Jake had alternately run his fingers through it and run his cars through it. Oh well. $350 to have the rug cleaned and prepared for storage. Plus whatever it will cost to get a cheap rug to protect the floor temporarily. In the meantime, Jake was thrilled to run his toy cars on the hardwood floors the length of the living room.

Appraiser came to the house this morning. Refinancing is coming along.

Today's Valentine's Day. We're going to 150 Grand for dinner. As usual, I'm late with getting something thoughtful together for my husband. I suck. I spend too much time trying to think up something original, when he'd probably be happy if I would just be thoughtful.


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Yes he would. :-)

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