Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Squeaked by on V-Day... However...

So, I was able to finish a poem for my husband for V-Day. But I didn't finish the visual pieces that I wanted to go along with it. I had planned to use the blank puzzle from my Self-Addressed kit to hide hints leading him around the house to search for the poem. I had hoped to have a lovely hand-made card to go along with the poem. And I'd hoped to have a little thoughtful gift to go along. AND I'd sketched out a painting that I wanted to do, but knew from from the start that was a long-shot. I had very little creative mojo over the weekend.

And, darnit, the little bit of creativity I was able to eek out was wasted. Because I forgot to mail my Hero Arts contest entry. Grr!

I suck again today because it's my mom's birthday. And I haven't done anything for her. I'm going to try to find a local florist that will agree to deliver flowers today. And I'm going to try to get a card together tonight.

Last night, we dropped Jake off with his grandparents. Then we went to dinner at 150 Grand Cafe. It was early enough so that we weren't falling asleep in our food. There was only one course that Scott didn't care for. We got to actually have conversation over dinner, and I really enjoyed the relaxing time together. There were free horse & buggy rides on Grand Ave, but it was a little chilly (I didn't have a jacket) and the line was long, so we skipped doing that.

Over dinner we'd brainstormed a little about classes that Scott could teach. And I was able to think through some more details of some ideas I've had. Then I needed a few things from Michaels for the samples, so we headed there after dinner. Ran into Jill and Chris there. Jill said she hasn't been inspired by any of the classes lately. And Chris said she's really bummed about having to be at a wedding the weekend that we'll be celebrating Cat's Craft Cupboard's 2nd anniversary.

Speaking of Cat, she called me yesterday from the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store to see if she should pick up a box of tiles for a stamping-on-tile class. Sure! I think we can use the new Staz-On inks - there are pastel colors coming out.

Speaking of inks, the new Distress Inks should be in tomorrow. Now that I've got an idea what to do with them, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the new colors.

Anyway, when we went to pick Jake up, he was still awake. Grandma gave him a little plastic heart of M&Ms for v-day. I don't think he had a clue what was inside, but he liked shaking it. He also opened his card and carried it around. Very cute. He has started identifying colors in the last couple of days - red, blue, green, yellow. We've been recording Sesame Street for him for a couple of weeks, and that has expanded his vocabulary and interests. He really likes Ernie, Elmo, and Big Bird. He's seems to be scared of Telly. He can count to 3, and is especially fond of the number 2.

Here's the poem I wrote for Scott:

these days

these days we
talk a lot, think a lot, read a lot, dream a lot, lose sleep a lot
about what we want to become
what we can do right-this-very-minute
to get from mundane here to fabulous there

i love this brave new us
reaching, trying, exploring, growing
and at the same time, i
love that you write “i love scott” in my notebook
to remind me

in the busy-ness of all this expansion
surviving on less sleep than i ever imagined possible
i want you to know
that i don’t lose sight of the invisibly deep love that is
the foundation of our relationship
source of our precious child
my heart walking around
outside my body

the connection for me
has grown beyond that initial
sweet simplicity
to a delicious complexity
that adds dimension without complication
i still love the way you look
and now I am learning to love the way you see
the way you make the experience of now
vivid, succulent, resplendent


And now browsing through the other blog updates for the day, I've stumbled across something fabulous that I just have to share. This pea-blogger posted a link to a fabulous site (that she found on Ali Edwards' blog) Unsung Designers with really fabulous purses. I think she picked out the best one of the bunch, but there were some others that were pretty cute. Check it out!


Anonymous Tawnya said...

Fun Blog :)
Thanks for commenting on my blog :) I certainly was very spoiled from my secret cupid :)

Love your poem you wrote for your husband. I am sure he loved it!

9:41 AM  
Anonymous shirley said...

Beautiful poem for DH!! Aren't those purses the coolest!! Did you see the other items like the jewelery!!

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Jill said...

Yahoo!! Chris and I made it on your blog!!!! It was fun seeing you and your hubby......LOVED the poem. You express yourself so well. I just wish I could do that well. Can't wait to see what you have in the mix for classes.

7:48 PM  

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