Thursday, March 02, 2006

Great Impressions - March 2006

Stopped by Cat's Craft Cupboard on the way home tonight. The new Great Impressions sample board came in. It's cute again this month. There were a few iffy months, but they seem to be back on track. Probably a little too cutesy, but still within the realm of what I like, so I bought most of the pieces. I didn't get the swirls or the peeking bunny, but I may go back this weekend and get them if she has any left. Here's the board:

Here are the ones I got from the board:

... and the ones I will go back and get:

And I splurged on a few other stamps from Memorybox, The Cat's Pajamas, Rosie's Roadshow, Stampington.

Why the splurge? Because I was CELEBRATING! What was I celebrating?

I had my review in the afternoon, and I got promoted! Completely unexpected, since I got promoted last year and was clearly told that no one gets promoted twice in 2 years, so don't expect anything. So, I got a merit increase, a promotion increase, and a nice fat bonus. And also recognition for all the hard work I did last year. Hooray!

AND my lovely husband told me I should put some of the bonus money aside to fund my project to create my own rubber stamps. Yippee! I was so excited, I did some more sketching last night. I'm currently hoping to have two 8.5 x 11 sheets of images to begin. We'll see if I can keep the momentum going long enough to see the project through.

And, speaking of my lovely husband Scott, he scheduled a class at Cat's Craft Cupboard for April.

After our trip to the stamp store, we went to Costco to stock up on goodies for the reception on Saturday night at Blue Mug. Cheesecake, Boston creme caramel, brownies, cookies, cherry pie, mini chocolate bars. Yum!

And, speaking of Blue Mug, one of Scott's relatives saw his show at Blue Mug, got his contact info, and sent email asking if he'd be interested in digital scans of some old family photos. Look how cool this one is - it's Scott's great-grandfather in the driver seat.

And, to make a good day even better, my Sizzlits arrived in the mail. Yippee! Then (this is really amazing), since we carpooled to Costco from the stamp store, my car was still downtown. But Jake was crabby. So Scott took us home and then WALKED downtown to get my car and bring it home. In the dark. By himself. I'm spoiled.


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