Sunday, June 11, 2006

Late Afternoon at the Park

We went to the little park near my in-laws' house late this afternoon. It's just a couple of miles away. A long narrow park in a shabby neighborhood. It has bright green grass, and the cutest winding concrete sidewalk with words from Jack and the Beanstalk etched in large letters into the concrete. So, first you come to Fee... and then 10 feet later to Fi... and then 10 feet later to Fo... and then Fum... And little shoots of concrete from the main stalk are leaves of concrete that house picnic tables.

Jake got a new Superman (though he insists that it's Super-Army-Man) and exploding pick-up truck today. We didn't give him the exploding parts of the pick-up truck, but he's thrilled with anyway. He has carted it around very intently since we removed it from the packaging earlier this afternoon. He took it with him down the slide. He pushed it up and down the slide. Buried it in the wood shavings. Pushed it on the swing.


Anonymous Michelle said...

What a cutie! Great pix!

11:54 AM  

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