Monday, June 05, 2006

Launch Party Winners!

Yes, yes, I know... you probably don't want to read an entire page of Launch Party entries... but, guess what? It's MY blog! And I have a lot to say...

Congratulations to the Prize Winners from Launch Day!

Raffle Ticket Drawings:
12:00 pm: Chris H - goodie bundle
1:00 pm: Jill R - goodie bundle
2:00 pm: Chris H - goodie bundle
3:00 pm 1: Diana - jj tote
3:00 pm 2: Eileen - choice of display boards
4:00 pm 1: Verlene - teacup bundle
4:00 pm 2: Marlene - teacup bundle
4:00 pm 3: Sherry W - jj tote with goodies
4:00 pm 4: Linda H - grand prize basket

Party Winners:
Gift Certificate: Jill R
Gift Certificate: Mickey
Gift Certificate: Patty
Framed Sketch: Stephanie R
Framed Sketch: Joanne
Framed Sketch: Leah


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