Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday Morning Update

My weekend was mainly consumed with getting the new rubber stamp images ready to send to the manufacturer. Friday night, I finished refining the images and sizing them. Saturday, I sorted the images into sheets of images (plates) & decided which could be postponed for a later release, and Sunday I arranged the images on the plates (rather like putting a puzzle together). One of the challenges that I have constantly is that as I look through and refine/resize images, I come up with new ideas. Lots of them. So, even though I might set out to just create a couple of plates of images, I'm my own worst enemy with regard to scope creep. So, I have 7 new plates coming for this release. And I have 2 partial plates already for later this year.

Saturday morning, Scott met with his friend Paul to work on their project collaboration. So it was just Jake & me. Scott built Jake a fort in the living room, out of the couches, blankets, and a chair. He loved it. "I hide! Oh yeah, a fort!" When Scott got home, he went to Toys R Us and got Jake a little tent that he can use inside the house.

Saturday night, Jake and his new tent went to my in-laws' house while we went to the Escondido Center for the Arts for the opening of Kelly's show. Her work is all beautiful, as always. And we went through the exercise of picking what we'd buy if we could actually afford any of it and had a place to hang it.

My favorite pieces from the show were these... the pink molecules are too girly-cute. And the girl with the bird on her head. Clearly I have a thing for paintings of girls with birds on their heads. My favorite painting from the show was a huge one of a girl with a large top hat, with a tree growing out of the hat, and a bird on a branch of the tree looking down at the girl. It was called Fringe.


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