Thursday, August 17, 2006

All Done Airplane

We're on vacation! We traveled all day Wednesday to get from San Diego to Boston. Usually, we take a red-eye flight and are able to sleep for a good portion of the trip. But there were not red-eyes available when we booked, and also no direct flights. The whole day before we left, Jakob couldn't stop thinking and talking about going on the airplane, flying up high in the air.

The first leg of our trip was between San Diego and Phoenix. Just the right length for Jakob to get a pretty good nap. When we landed, he woke up and immediately said, "more airplane!" He really likes the taking off and the landing. The riding part is a little on the dull side. About an hour from Boston, he said, "Mommy, all done airplane. I down."

My dad drove up to Boston from Philadelphia and picked us up at the airport. Thanks to my dad's brilliant planning, we're staying at a hotel very close to the airport, so it was just a short jaunt to get to our sleeping quarters.


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