Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Jake's 2 Year Check-up

Jake turned 2 about a month ago, but when he had his doctor's appointment, they were out of the vaccine that he needed. So he had to go back yesterday to get his shot.

And he was such a big boy, he didn't even cry! The nurse was impressed enough to give him three stickers - a very big joy for a 2 year old.

I checked in with them by phone, and Jake told me all about going to the doctor (I go doctor), seeing the big fish (oh, big fish) in the waiting room, get stickers (I sticker doctor), and the rest of their day's adventures. He even showed me his band-aid. Yep, over the phone. He definitely understands talking on the phone now, and even asks frequently, "I talk phone?" The other day, I was talking to Cat on the speakerphone and Jake walked in the room and said, "hi, Cat." But he doesn't seem to understand yet that you can only hear on the phone, but not see. So he shows new toys, nods, kisses the phone, and shows mommy his band-aid.


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