Saturday, September 16, 2006

Go Mall, Ride Rides

That's about the extent of Jake's current ability with regard to sentence structure. But he does manage to get his point across.

After I got home from work last night, we went to the mall. Had dinner at the food court. Then Jake & Scott entertained themselves at the play area while I investigated the Fall offerings at Lane Bryant.

I'm getting much faster at scouring the racks for what's new, finding my size, and getting it to the cash register before Jake's tolerance for the play area is exhausted. Luckily his tolerance for the play area is growing at the same time I'm working on increasing my shopping efficiency.

I managed to find 2 bags of things that were interesting. When I got home and tried everything on, I netted 1 bag of things I actually like that fit well and I think will be nice additions to my wardrobe. I'm starting to become a bit more selective again as wearing a normal clothing size becomes more and more attainable, I find my interest in trying different fashion styles and colors re-emerging. Fall always brings out the East Coast conservative in me. Even though it's still quite hot here in Southern California, I found myself drawn to crisp white shirts, and various shades of brown and black.


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