Friday, March 24, 2006

The Joy of New Magazines

The Hatlestads are having a rough week. Some crazy busy-ness at work (Scott is doing some consulting for the company where I work). Jake came home from the babysitter with 102 fever last night. And in the middle of the night, it spiked up to 104. Tylenol brought it down to the 100-101 range. But still not completely normal yet. Not much sleep for the parents. Scott had to keep a commitment last night to fix a friend's computer, which thankfully took less time than expected. He stopped by the bookstore on the way home and picked up some lovely eye candy.

Loving this magazine that he discovered called Metro Pop. Last issue had a really interesting article about Japanese street fashion.

And also a really cool magazine called 34. I noticed in the last issue of 34 that there were ads for clothing stores that I had been to in Istanbul, and just realized on their web site that the magazine is based in Istanbul. Cool. Istanbul is a fascinating place. And also loving the 34 web site. Maybe some day I will learn Flash and be able to incorporate some nifty stuff in my own site.


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