Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sold! & 2nd Saturday Summary

Saturday night, Scott dropped Jake off with the grandparents, then came back & picked me up. We had a quick dinner at McDonald's, and then headed over to Distinction for Escondido's monthly "Second Saturday" gallery/studio artwalk-like event.

Lynden St. Victor's show is still hanging in the main gallery.

Kelly was hanging new art in the hall when we arrived. This is the piece:

And when we were doing the walkthrough to see who was around, Melissa was in Kelly's studio, and introduced us. Her significant other was there too, stretching canvases onto wood, and playing with Legos with her son, so we got to meet them too. Scott thought the guy was Kelly's studio-mate, but I looked that guy up just now & it wasn't him.

Back up in Scott's studio, Chris stopped by. It was the 1st time I'd met him. He had his girlfriend Shawna with him. He's the one that's going to do the mural on the outside of the building.

Cat & Mike met us there.

While we were out & about, Scott sold one of his prints. Yay! What a high that produces.

Cat, Mike & I braved the rain/hail to get coffee at The Blue Mug, and to see if Shiva had anything new & exciting. Usually they do. This time they didn't. Bummer. Also, my favorite sculpture piece there was gone. I loved visiting it monthly, and was sad it wasn't there. Maybe when the new shows are up next month it will be a livelier showing.

On the way back, I noticed that The Pink Flamingo has closed up shop. Gone. Poof. We got scoop later from Olga that the store moved to Encinitas. I hate it when cool places move out. I hope another cool place moves in. And I'm so looking forward to the art supply store opening just around the corner from Cat's Craft Cupboard.

Anyway, back at Scott's studio, the guys chatted while we flipped through a pop culture kind of magazine looking for ideas for things to wear to the photoshoot party. I really want to start thinking about invitations, but have so much going on right now, I just can't allocate the mental bandwidth to that activity - otherwise I'll never get anything done. Cat and I also chatted about my secret project. I'm going to design t-shirts for the unveiling the secret. Mike told me to make sure to make guy's t-shirts too. So maybe less girly than I was thinking... or possibly 2 versions. Cat is requesting orange. She's currently obsessed wtih orange. I'll see what I can do.

Cat & I went downstairs so I could show her Kelly's studio, especially the sideboard where she used Basic Grey Motifica paper on the inset panels. Awesome. I got up the courage to start a conversation with her. I told her about the creative group we're working to form. She sounded lukewarm, but open to considering the possibility. She just got Claudine Hellmuth's 1st book, so we chatted about that a bit. She collects old photos. She went to art school. And she gave me some really interesting advice... 1) if you're intimidated by a blank canvas, spill something on it, do a color wash, draw on it and then erase - just do something to mess it up so it's not a blank canvas any longer, and not so intimidating; 2) if you get too attached to something you create because you've invested so much time and energy into it, try working on 3 to 5 pieces at a time and keeping them all at the same level of completion - so you have several pieces completed at once so it feels like you are producing more and you won't get so attached to just one project.


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