Monday, June 05, 2006

The Blue Mug

Our party was held at our favorite coffee shop, just down the street from Cat's store. Cat & I have meetings there when the store is closed. And we usually take a Blue Mug break 1/2 way through my classes.

The Blue Mug is owned by Olga. She runs the place with her insatiably flirtatious brother Alfonso. Olga is super-cute and very involved in our Downtown Business Association. She is also starting to get more involved in the local art community, and has been having regular shows up in the cafe. My husband Scott will be having another show there in August.

It was really hot in Escondido. Over 100 degrees during the day. And The Blue Mug had just gotten a slushie machine the day before the party. We gave it a thorough work-out - the icy snacks were a huge hit, and kept everyone cool. We also had custom-labeled bottles of water to keep everyone hydrated.


Blogger madretz said...

I was in San Diego a few weeks ago and would have stopped at the store if we had a spare moment.
But we drove thru Escondido to look at my husband's old house and it's for sale. We joked about buying the house he grew up in till he was 12. But he said "It's TOO hot in Escondido!"

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