Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Good Mail Day

Got 2 packages in the mail today. One was my Jenni Bowlin kit and the other was my Self-Addressed Grab Bag.

I think I might use the Jenni Bowlin kit to scrap Jake's 2nd birthday (today!) - it's very red-white-and-blue-patriotic-ish, which works well for July events.

The Self-Addressed Grab Bag, I'm very pleased with. I'm tempted to order more since the description states that all the grab bags are different, but what I received was very close to what was pictured... so did I just get the first one, which happened to be the one pictured, or are they all pretty similar? If I wait a couple weeks, will they sell out? So hard to decide!


Blogger Nancy Maxwell James said...

I love good mail days! :)
looks like you have some wonderful things to create with!

4:24 AM  
Blogger Cat said...

You are such a bad influence on me! You bring in your SA Grab Bag and I oooohhh'd and aaaaaah'd over it . . .and decided to order one for me. So, I ordered two.

***sigh*** Chicago really is going to hurt the pocketbook, isn't it?

9:25 PM  

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