Friday, July 21, 2006

More Party!

I just realized that I hadn't posted pictures from Jake's 2nd birthday party yet. From the moment he woke up, he wanted to party. "I party, I party." And he doesn't really understand delayed gratification or "later." So he thought we were going to party right away. And was pretty unhappy when nap time came around, and he whined, "No night-night. I party." And he was so worked up about it, he never did end up having a nap prior to the party.

When we were loading up the car, he saw the cake and said, "I eat cake! I eat cake!" and was generally pleased that cake would be involved. He kept putting his mouth near the edge of the cake box and making slurping noises, pretending to eat. "Yum, yum!" Super-cute.

He didn't quite understand the concept of blowing out the candles, so he kind of did this half-raspberry, half-blow thing without success. Then after we helped him blow them out, he really wanted to touch the still smoldering wicks. No, no. After the candles were removed, we asked if he wanted to eat cake. An ephatic yes from Jakob, then a lunge toward the closest part of the cake, as though he was about to just take a big bit out of the side of the cake. Luckily, Scott managed to restrain him just in time to prevent an icing/hair mishap.


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