Thursday, August 17, 2006

Boston Common (Public Garden)

Our rooms at the hotel are just across the hall from one another. When Jake woke up this morning, he asked for Papa right away. So I sent him right across the hall. My dad took Jake down to the breakfast buffet, and Scott and I joined them once we were up and about.

After breakfast, we piled in the car and headed over to Boston Common. We first went to see the famous swan boats. Jake was really excited about the swan boats until we got in line to ride one and then he said he was too scared, so we didn't get to do that activity.

Instead we went back to the part of the park where you can walk on the grass and let Jake loose. He quickly discovered the frog pond. It's a huge, but very shallow wading pool. In the winter, it freezes and people go there for ice skating. Jake had a terrific time splashing from the edge of the pond. I got soaked. It took some coaxing, but when Papa took his own shoes and sock off and waded into the pool, Jake finally consented to having his tractor shoes removed and splashing his feet in the water. My dad held Jake by his arms and twirled him round and round till they were both so dizzy they could hardly stand up. I think Jake would have been happy just doing that for the rest of the day. He also enjoyed stomping any leaves he could identify on the bottom of the wading pool.

After we were all thoroughly soaked, we headed back to the hotel for naps and dry clothes. Jake was tired, but not giving in to the new schedule and he wouldn't go to sleep. So he and Scott stayed and relaxed in the hotel room, while my dad and I walked over to Burlington Coat Factory.

We got Jake some cute new clothes, so he'd have something nice to wear to the rehearsal dinner. And we got him a pair of shoes to wear with his suit for the wedding. I found some really interesting jewelry, a small camouflage purse with embroidery, and some clothes, including a dress for the wedding that I like better than the outfit I brought with me.


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