Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wedding Details & Reception

One of my favorite things about weddings is all of the choices people make... how formal the ceremony is, what they wear, what colors the bridesmaids wear, whether everyone wears the same shoes, what the flowers look like, the decorations, the favors... I love to take it all in.

John & Laurie's wedding was primarily blue, with green and purple accents. And the theme was beach, mainly seashells.

The wedding programs matching the invitations, featuring a blue scallop shell that Laurie drew and painted herself, with an L and J in the center. The wedding "logo" for lack of a better term. It was repeated everywhere. Wreaths on the two church doors featured an L in the center of one and a J in the center of the other. The tins of hydrangeas hanging from the pews along the center aisle of the church featured the shell logo as well.

At the reception, the tables had pillar candles with real shells glued to each side with the L & J initials on them, inside glass hurricanes. Then a little wreath of blue beads and shells, also made by Laurie, around the hurricane. There was beach glass scattered on the tables. Turns out Laurie really went all out. She made all the jewelry for the bridesmaids, selected every detail of their outfits, including their wraps in case it got cold. Even their cake featured their shell logo on the top of it.


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