Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So, have YOU ever buried a St. Joseph statue?

Scott emailed me a link to this article this morning, wondering if we should do it too, as we prepare to sell our home. I'm not Catholic, so the whole statue thing is a bit of a novelty to me. But I'm hearing more and more stories of home-sellers burying (BURYING!) a St. Joseph statue upside-down (UPSIDE-DOWN!) in their yards to invoke a higher power in the hopes of a quicker sale. In fact, when you buy a St. Joseph statue, it comes with instructions:

Bury him upside down or upright, in the front yard, backyard or near the "For Sale" sign, facing the home, the heavens or the street, and saying a prayer or making a simple request for a buyer.


Blogger Cat said...

Design Team Deb has one buried in her backyard . . .

4:38 PM  

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