Monday, March 13, 2006

Adventures in Mommyland

Scott left me alone with Jakob while he went to pick up late lunch yesterday afternoon. Since Jakob had a new Elmo video, I thought he'd play quietly in the living room for about 1/2 an hour, and that I'd be okay working on my secret project. I don't know why I was thinking this. I know better. Definitely a lapse in judgment on my part. Especially, given that as soon as Jake took ownership of the new DVD, he wanted to put it in something and make it work. He got in the right ballpark. He pushed buttons on all the machines under the TV, and finally opted to pull out the small drawer just under the TV and stuff the DVD in there. Luckily, I saw that happening and was able to leap over the coffee table and prevent the DVD from being snapped in half and Jake shoved the drawer closed with the DVD hanging out. But then I left him alone.

Earlier, while Scott was out getting Jake some new clothes and this lovely new Elmo DVD, Jake & I ate my leftover breakfast for lunch. And ketchup didn't get everywhere, but it did get all over Jake, especially his shirt. So when I left him unsupervised he was down to diaper and shorts (no more clean pants that fit). I don't know quite how long it was silent before I noticed - probably not long, as my experience-to-date in mommyland has taught me well that silence equals mischief and should be investigated immediately. As I approached the baby gate that keeps my little Tasmanian Devil within the boundaries of the living room, I saw little naked shoulders. To be expected, given the previous state of undress as a result of the ketchup encounter. But I did NOT expect him to be completely naked, which he was. Yep. No shorts, and no diaper. And not even the usual "uh-oh" warning.

He had managed to pull his shorts off, and they were discarded near the sofa. But then he actually unhooked the diaper velco and removed his diaper as well. Okay, that's okay with me. But he peed a big puddle on the floor in front of the TV! Flashbacks of the days-of-seven-kittens from just before Jake was born. Scary stuff, I tell ya. So I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to explain to him that he should tell me, "Mama, pee-pee," when he has the urge. He was able to repeat the words, but was clearly mimicking. He did seem to be a little sheepish when he saw what a panic it sent me into. And when Scott got home, I tried to convince him that he needs to show Jake how to pee, because I don't have the right kind of plumbing to demonstrate.


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