Sunday, March 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Tim!

It's my brother's birthday today. My little brother who somehow grew to be bigger than me. He's 32. It's weird thinking about him being in his 30s. At almost-35, I'm still adjusting to myself being in my 30s, so it's odd to think about someone younger than me in that state.

My dad is in Chicago visiting Tim this weekend. They went to see Wicked together earlier today. Tim said the play was very different from the book. I'll have to get more details later. They were in the middle of playing some DVD trivia game. Sounded fun.

In honor of Tim's birthday, we went to the mall & bought him a present. Right on his birthday. Aren't we nice? And maybe we'll actually get it in the mail to him this week, so it will arrive somewhat close to his birthday. I used to be somewhat good at this birthday thing, but that was when I had a lot fewer commitments and responsibilities clouding my mind and distracting me. Back when I just collected Barbie Dolls, My Little Ponies, Glamour Gals, and anything cat-related (okay, not hairballs or any of the gross stuff).

Anyway, while at the mall, I returned the lovely but ill-fitting corduroy pants I got at Fashion Valley (I love that we have a mall called Fashion Valley - so ostentatiously cool) last weekend. Tank tops were on sale, so I got a beige one. And found a cute green skirt that matches the shiny green blouse and sweater that I got recently. As well as a pretty green crocheted tank top.

Last weekend, I got the unfortunate corduroy pants, and the cutest red bra with white polka dots and pale blue trim, and a furry white short coat (probalby will not wear it many times but looked fun for 2nd Saturday outings and other evening things when it's often a little chilly - at least through the Spring).


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