Thursday, June 22, 2006

Philadelphia Adventures - Day 2

Tuesday, my coworker Jennifer and I escaped the nasty boxed lunch and went out. We had lunch at a lovely Italian restaurant called Il Portico. Mix salad greens with pear and some kind of amazingly delicious dressing. Fresh-made gnocchi in a nutty creamy sauce. Too full for dessert.

Then we went to Urban Outfitters, where they had some super-fun t-shirts and some really adorable totes with French sayings on them. Of course, I couldn't resist the one with a bird on it. This one says "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." We spent way too much time looking through all the fascinating t-shirts. And interestingly, they had quite a few t-shirts that featured cupcakes, much like the Johnny Cupcakes t-shirts and other apparel I'd just discovered the night before. Unfortunately for me, the largest size they seem to have is Large. I think if I lost about 20 more pounds, I might actually be able to fit into a large. It might be snug, but I could probably get away with it. So I bought 2 t-shirts. One that I just loved (with a bird on it, of course) and the other was really adorable plus on sale for $10. Who am I so say "no" to such a bargain? When we'd exhausted that store, we headed a few blocks away to Anthropologie. So much really cool stuff. Of course, lots of things with birds. It was very very hard to resist. I carried a white porcelain bird ($20) around the store with me nearly the entire time I was there, but in the end decided against purchasing it - I don't really need broken porcelain in my suitcase. There were numerous tablecloths and cloth napkins that I was tempted by, but since I've taken over the dining room as a studio, we don't really have a dining table to speak of and table linens would just be stored away. I did, however, purchase some adorable dish towels.

In the evening, Jennifer and I had dinner at Fork. We ordered five appetizers and shared. Then we had our own desserts (apricot tart for me). I had a drink called a Forklift: absolut kurant, pomegranate juice, fresh lime. After dinner, we walk a couple blocks to 32 Degrees where a vendor was hosting a party. It was a mob scene. Just a long narrow room, with very loud music, people smoking, hardly enough room to walk, and no dance floor. We looked around for people we knew and then quickly decided it wasn't our scene and escaped.


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