Sunday, August 20, 2006

More New Home: Sandwich

In the morning, Mom & I took Marion and found a laundry mat so we'd have clothes for another few days.

Who is Marion, you ask? Well, she's my GPS. Dad said she sounded like a librarian, specifically like Marion the librarian. And since "the nice lady who travels with you" was no longer sufficient, she has been dubbed Marion.

After laundry, we loaded up the car, checked out of the hotel, and headed to brunch at Laurie's parents' house. We stayed very briefly, then headed to Sandwich on Cape Cod. It took about an hour to get there. We had fun laughing about the Sandwich Police, the Sandwich Fire & Rescue, Sandwich's Sandwiches, and other places with the name of the town included - all these Sandwich places that don't serve sandwiches!

Jakob has rationalized the hoteling experience as a "new home." For the portion of the travel time that he was awake, he demanded, "New home!" repeatedly.

We're staying at the Daniel Webster Inn. We arrived around 1:30 but weren't able to check in until 3:00, so we left our luggage and went in search of lunch. We ate at a Victorian former parsonage that has been reinvented as a restaurant called The Painted Lady. Service was terrible. The food was okay. The place attempted to have personality, but didn't quite hit the mark.

After lunch, we checked into the hotel, got ourselves cleaned up, explored the town a little, including a fun little home decor and gift place called Wicked Goods. Then we had dinner in the hotel dining room. Fancy dinner that was pretty tasty, but again terrible service. It took nearly 3 hours to have dinner, and Jake only lasted about the first hour. So Scott took him back to the room while the rest of us finished eating, then Mom went back to the room and Scott came back and sat with us for a while.


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