Tuesday, October 17, 2006

2nd Saturday: Natalia Fabia, Blaine Fontana, Jarrod Eastman & Company

Saturday was Escondido's 2nd Saturday Art Walk. It's our one night out together every month. Jake usually goes to see his grandparents, while we hang out in Scott's studio at Distinction.

Distinction Gallery is really establishing itself as home for modern art, particularly the Urban Surrealism movement. This is fantastic for us, because we really love that style of art, and Scott's photography fits perfectly with the genre. If you're not familiar, but want to learn more, Juxtapose magazine is a terrific resource for what's happening in that art community.

Saturday was the opening for the new show called Channel Nine. The entire gallery was alive with fascinating and creative people. It was Jarrod's birthday, and he made the trip all the way from Montana to be there for the opening. Also, Natalia was there, with her amazing energy and fabulous Christmas tree tattoo. Blaine and his girlfriend came down from LA - they are always lovely to talk to. I'll have to post pictures later.

Still, Kelly Vivanco ranks high on my list of favorites. We bought one of her small paintings, called No Quick Moves, on Saturday. I'm thrilled with it. Can't wait until we can afford one of the larger ones.


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