Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sick Again

This daycare stuff is really tough on all of us. While Scott is working a contract for a few months, we've put Jake in a regular daycare. Up till now, we've only left him with family friends or relatives.

I swear, the place is just a huge germ factory. Kids with grimy faces and snotty noses - snot in all varieties of colors and icky gooey consistencies, the likes of which I don't remember seeing ever before.

So, in the six weeks that we've had him there so far, he had an ear infection for 4 weeks (that took 2 antibiotics to cure), stomach flu for a week, and now another ear infection. I had escaped unharmed from the first illnesses, but this last cold hit me. You know, as many times as you disinfect your hands, there's just nothing that can be done about a kid that sneeze full on in your face. With snot bubbles. Ick.

So, I stayed home with Jake yesterday and took him to the doctor. I didn't get lost this time. Last week, I just could not remember how to get there, and finally had to admit defeat and call my husband. This time, we went straight there. Jake's pediatrician is very old-school. The first thing she did was lecture me about having put him in daycare in the first place. What was I thinking? Then she showed me with her little ear examiner thing what the ear infection actually looks like. Very nasty & red. Poor Jake. No wonder he screamed all night.

The day at home with Jake was mostly uneventful. He slept for a good portion of the day. We had three minor incidents:

1) When we went to the grocery store to get his prescription, there was a cage of large plastic balls strategically located, and he absolutely had to have one. Then he needed to carry it all day, sleep with it during his nap, and even slept with it last night.

2) I left 1/2 an inch of apple juice in a glass on the side board (well out of Jake's reach) and a bowl of crackers on the coffee table for him to munch on. It didn't take even five minutes for Jake to come to the baby gate and announce, "Mommy! I pour out!" And I go to see what that means exactly and discover that he has used the package the UPS guy delivered earlier as a stool to reach the cup of juice. Then he dumped out the crackers onto the table, and poured the juice into the bowl. Then he carried the bowl to the baby gate to show me. And he didn't even spill any until I said, "Jake! What are you doing???" which startled him and caused him to spill half of the juice on the floor. While I was cleaning up the spilled juice, he took the rest of the crackers and smashed them into the glass. Sigh.

3) I was reviewing some paperwork in the living room while Jake watched TV. He kept sticking his hands in his diaper. Since I'm sick too, and can't smell anything, I don't have a sense of poop arrival. So I either have to ask or check. I asked, "Jake, do you have poopy?" Nope. "Get your hands out of your pants." But both hands deeply entrenched in the diaper, but down the front, so I thought he was having some more private time and decided to let it go. But then, just moments later, he whips out one hand, sticks his finger in my face and says, "Uh oh! Hand get dirty! Mommy wipe off." Yeah. Poop.

So, Jake & I are staying home again today. This time, for me to go to the doctor, and for him to have a more relaxing environment in which to recuperate. We'll see how it goes. I intend to get some work done as well.


Anonymous Emily said...

Oh my goodness! Poor Jake! And poor you! Not many things are quite as hard as taking care of your children when you are sick, too!

I hope you both get better soon so you can enjoy Halloween!

10:37 PM  
Blogger Godelieve said...

Oh, I hope you're feeling well soon, both Jake and you.

1:22 AM  
Blogger Nancy Maxwell James said...

I am so sorry your little one has been so sick! I hope everyone gets over the yuckies!

4:53 AM  

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