Saturday, April 01, 2006

Update on Jakob's Vocabulary & Health & Bathing

Jake is nearly 21 months old now. He has started saying 2 word phrases occasionally. He's been saying "wow" for a while, and most recently, he started saying "wow, cool."

We've been trying to teach him to count... 1, 2, 3... as soon as you say "1" he pipes up "2" but then continues, 2, 2, 2... And if you give him something, he'll say "2" and we thought he was really requesting to have 2 of everything all the time. But turns out that the thinks 2 means "more." So he has stopped saying "more" and now only says "2" when he wants more. Trying to break that, even though it's entertaining.

He's completely recovered from the Roseola. Hard to believe that was just a week ago. It seemed so severe at the time. He doesn't even have any spots left. He's still sleeping badly. Wakes up screaming a lot, and it's hard to tell if he's actually awake or if his sleep is just disturbed. We need to do some reading up on night terrors and see if that's what it is. Because sometimes he just screams "no, no, no" over and over, but won't be touched or comforted, as though he's not really aware that we're there. Or maybe he's just cranky about waking up when he's not done sleeping.

He had to have a bath today because he threw up this morning and it got in his hair. Ick. He has developed a strange aversion to having his clothes changed. So when you try to take his clothes off, especially his shirt, he holds onto it and tries to resist. He's also started doing this thing when you change his diaper - he'll lean back on his elbows, but he won't lay back entirely flat. So it's a little tricky trying to effectively clean him up while he tries to balance his upper body and avoid laying down. He also wants his own baby wipe each time so that he can wipe his bottom too. Does this mean we could start potty training? Another thing I suppose I should look up. Anyway, he used to hate baths. He still hates baths. But if the water is warm and the tub is full of toys, he loves splashing. As long as you don't get soap or a washcloth anywhere near him, he's fine. The moment one of those wicked items appears, he immediately stands up and tries to climb out of the tub. We got soaked today supervising the bath. Jake loves playing with these two ladels from the kitchen. Next time, he gets smaller spoons so he can't fling such a large quantity of water at once. Here's the little critter flinging water about...


Blogger Crystal said...

I'm not sure when you posted this but I have a two year old girl and it is amazing how similar kids are at certain stages of development. She is the 3rd of four children and she has so much character in her little body. It is a full time job with a two year old. I call mykids the demolition crew. I'd never let them know that though, they believe they are all such big helpers. Someday they will be. Oh, I found your site looking for info on Roseola. I think our baby picked it up at the church nursery. You're right, it does seem very severe at the time and its encouraging to know they get over it.
Just a note, I think Jacob is just getting into the daiper routine and wanting to be a big boy. I wouldn't take wiping as a que to potty train. I personally have found weaning and potty training to be he two most difficult issues. I always second guess myself and think someone else must have the right answer but in the end you just know when its right for you and your baby.
Do you think the waking up at night is residue from the Roseola? I mean maybe his nocturnal clock could have been upset by the up at night and naps during the day during his illness. My one year old is having the same trouble just as he is finishing up the Roseola rash. Anyway just some thoughts. Thank you for the awesome site, I liked the poem on Spring. Many blessing, Crystal

1:41 PM  
Blogger Crystal said...

I mispelled Jakob's name, sorry.

1:43 PM  
Blogger justjohanna said...

I didn't think the Roseola was causing the disruption in his sleeping. I think any time he's out of his routine (like vacation, visitors, new babysitter), he doesn't sleep well. I hadn't realized there was a typo in my entry, but Jake is nearly 2 years old, not 2 months old. Oops! I'm interested to hear how you trip to California goes.

6:51 AM  

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