Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hash Brown Quicke

Sunday morning, we wanted to get some breakfast and experience some local color, so we headed to the diner in Pleasant Mount.

The diner is owned by an Irish woman. And they have what can only be described as an "interesting" menu. One of the specials recently was broccoli and cauliflower rice cheese sauce over french fries.

Well, not to disappoint, there was a special menu for Father's Day, which included wassail (which the waitress described as fruit punch without the punch) and the amazingly popular hash brown quicke.

Well, we played it safe and ordered the basic eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, etc. At 75 cents a glass, we were very tempted to order the wassail, until we heard the chef explaining to another guest that it was made of cranberry concentrate, lemonade concentrate, orange juice concentrate... once the mystery was gone, it just wasn't that interesting.

While waiting for our breakfast to be served, it was comforting to hear the cook (sitting and smoking on a stool at the breakfast counter) yell into the kitchen, "it smells like something's burning again!" And sure enough, it did smell that way. And when my breakfast arrived, we learned that it was my toast. It was practically petrified.

And the conversation ensued about whether I should have gone for the hash brown quicke. I said "but $5 for a quickie?" thinking it sounded high for an unidentified breakfast item. But Marin pointed out that $5 for a quickie sounded like a good deal when phrased that way. Well, we were able to decide among ourselves that it was probably a mispelling of quiche, and again, the item lost its glamour without the mystery. But it didn't lose its enterainment value, as customers continued to arrive and to try to order the "quickie" and the waitress kept trying puzzle through what they were trying to order. Then finally everyone had a good laugh that it was been spelled incorrectly on the special board and printed menus. But they didn't bother to change it.


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