Saturday, June 24, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Flight back today. Poor planning. Flight departed around 10 am from Philly - that meant being at the airport by 8 am. Too early.

Flight itself was a little bumpy but otherwise okay. Jake slept about the first hour and then caused a ruckus for the remaining 4 hours. People around us were kind and tolerant. So happy there were no delays and that it was a direct flight. Next time, we need to remember to bring the portable DVD player. Scott's already prepared to bail on our trip to Boston in August, but hopefully by the time that rolls around, this trip will be a distant memory.

I stopped by Cat's to pick up my Twinkling H2Os that I'd ordered before I left. It could have waited till Tuesday, but there are NEW COLORS! So I had to go right away. The new colors just became available this week - great timing for me! I haven't been able to find any pictures of them online, but here's the list of the new colors:

blue zircon (cobalt blue)
golden monarch (coppery brown)
african jade (looks aqua to me)
terracotta rose (a brown with a pink tint)
wintermint (sea green)
plumeria (like a magenta towards purple)
rose gold (coppery orange)
midon melon (green like watermelon skin)
pink anthunum (kind of like a dark hot pink)
northern lights (irridescent purple-blue)
kunzite/tanzanite (the packaging says kunzite but the jar says tanzanite - looks like periwinkle)
mandarin blush (orange)


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